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You are here: News & Events News from All Over News From All Over Asian Bee Eradication Programme to Continue in Australia

Asian Bee Eradication Programme to Continue in Australia

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Chennai, April 2, 2011: A news broadcast on ABC's Radio Australia on April 1, 2011 says that the Australian government has decided to continue for now the Asian bee eradication programme. Explaining the importance of the programme during the interview on Radio Australia, senator Christine Milne, who has successfully pushed for its continuance, said: "... there is a very grave risk to Australia's biodiversity, ... because the Asian honey bee is a very social bee, it's a cavity nesting bee and it forms small colonies, it swarms often and potentially it could colonise the nesting sites of native birds and animals and with the greater spread of the feral colonies, the Asian honey bee can utilise nectar flows and affect other bees and insects, including the possibility of displacing our 3,000 native bees, so that's just the natural environment."