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You are here: News & Events News from All Over News From All Over 'Bike-a-Bee' - a Novel Concept for Urban Beekeeping

'Bike-a-Bee' - a Novel Concept for Urban Beekeeping

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Chennai, January 24, 2012: Here is an interesting idea to do beekeeping in cities and towns with lots of flowering plants: keep hives distributed - one or two at a location - in the area and use a bike or - if you can afford, a car - to go from hive to hive and collect honey. I remember seeing this type of beekeeping in rural and semi-urban regions in Andhra Pradesh, and even in Mumbai and New Delhi, some 40 years ago, when Apis cerana was still the only bee reared.

Jana Kinsman, an enthusiastic beekeeper and a dedicated biker from Chicago, Illinois, USA, according to a news dated January 20, 2012 in SUN Filtered column of Sundance Channel, founded 'Bike-a-Bee', a project based on the concept of keeping hives in gardens and farms with potential for production of honey and provision of services of bee pollination, if required.

Kinsman is raising money to get the project going and has a few more days to go before she can "realize her dream of a honey-based community in the Windy City." See the video and photographs attached to the news article.