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You are here: News & Events News from the States General India's Beekeeping about to Expand

India's Beekeeping about to Expand

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From Business India, New Delhi (October 27, 2004) A recent decline in honey production of major exporters like China, the US and Europe is proving a boon for the commodity's Indian producers, says a leading industry lobby.

Indian honey exporters are experiencing a boom as their exports are estimated to touch over 30,000 tonnes by 2007-08 from the existing quantum of 20,000 tonnes," according to a study released Wednesday by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

The beekeeping activities of countries and regions like China, Europe and the US have been affected by the pest and viral attacks, the impact of which has been so severe and drastic that their honey exports have been virtually ruined," said ASSOCHAM president Mahendra K. Sanghi.

This has provided a great opportunity for Indian honey exporters to strengthen their position in the global market.

Indian honey exports, which have risen from the levels of 100 tonnes in 1997 to 10,000 tonnes by end of 2002, is estimated to exceed 30,000 tonnes by 2007-08, Sanghi said.

The ASSOCHAM study is based on growth in honey exports over the last two years and feedback from various agencies under the aegis of the National Beekeeping Development Programme, formulated by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC).

Alongside the growth in quantity, export revenue from honey has risen from Rs.400 million in 2002 through export of 10,000 tonnes to over Rs.1 billion through export of 20,000 tonnes in 2003-04.

Since the beekeeping activities of the leading honey exporters of the world such as China, US, Europe are still under viral attack which continues to provide strength to Indian beekeeping activities, its exports in the next four years are estimated to go over 30,000 tonnes," according to ASSOCHAM study.

Under the National Beekeeping Development Programme, over 200 projects with an investment of Rs.2 billion are envisaged. These are expected to generate over 100,000 jobs.