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You are here: Research & Tech Bee Behaviour Honey Bee Language Being Investigated

Honey Bee Language Being Investigated

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Pune, September 13, 2011: A news report dated September 11, 2011 by Jenny Fyall in Scotland on Sunday says that Scottish researchers led by scientists at the University of Dundee are monitoring different noises honey bees make inside their hive, in order to find out if the bees have an as-yet-unknown language. The researchers believe that honey bees make different noises, for example, when they have some disease, or when they have lost their queen or when they experience pesticide poisoning. The £ 2 million project involves monitoring the sounds made by bees in 100 hives in different locations in Scotland.The number of hives will increase as the project advances.

The UK Pollinators Initiative is funding the study being continued over the next four years. Jenny Fyall further says that about two dozen beekeepers in Scotland are so far involved in the research, each with three or four hives being monitored in the first study of its kind. Researchers involved in the study are from Ninewells Hospital of the University of Dundee, Newcastle University, University College London and University of London.